1.2 Reviewing the regulatory normative legal acts (Regulatory Guillotine Project)

The Government of Armenia has embarked on a broad regulatory simplification reform known as the “regulatory guillotine. ” The guillotine makes use of best international practices to count, review, and streamlines the national regulatory frameworks affecting business activity and the daily lives of citizens. The reform aims at eliminating or simplifying legal norms that are not needed or are not business friendly. This quick framework plan will result in an improved business environment creating better opportunities for FDI and promoting economic development and job creation in Armenia. Moreover, a Draft Law on state registration of legal entities, state record of legal entity’s separate units, establishments, individual entrepreneurs as well as other draft laws related to betterment of business environment have been submitted to the Government for its consideration.

KEY IMPACT BENCHMARK - Costs and risks of regulations affecting businesses and citizens, foreign direct investments.

DATE - Apr 16, 2012

BUDGET - $US 2.08

IMPLEMENTING ORGANIZATION - State Agency “National Centre for Legislative Regulation project implementation unit”

EXECUTING AGENCY - Council for Reformation of Legal Acts Regulating Economic Sector

PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS - Arenian Developent Agency, OSCE, World Bank, UNDP, USAID

DONORS - Arenian Developent Agency, OSCE, World Bank, UNDP