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Armenian Government Paid 25.000 USD for OGP Membership


As informed by the Armenian Government, OGP membership has become paid for all countries

Starting from 2015, all OGP member countries must pay from 25 000 USD to 50 000 USD as a membership fee. The decision to make OGP membership paid one is justified with the argument that due to increase in the number of member countries, the number of employees, experts and volume of the work at the OGP headquarters increases as well.

According to the decision No. 495 - Ն of the RA Government from 14 May 2015, “With an aim to provide RA membership fee to “Open Governance Partnership” Initiative for 2015, 25 000 USD equivalent in Armenian drams shall be allocated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RA in the first semester of 2015, at the expense of reserve funds envisaged in the Armenian state budget 2015 (article “Current grants to international organizations” under budget expense categories).

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