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Commitments under the Action Plan should be completed by June 2016.


The OGP Headquarters has published the OGP schedule for 2015-2018. According to that schedule, the OGP member countries are divided into odd and even years in terms of implementation dates of the Action Plans.

Since Armenia has endorsed and submitted its Second Action Plan in June 2014, its Action Plan should be completed in June 2016. From now on the Government should start drafting its Third Action Plan.

As informed by Aram Asatryan, Advisor in the Government’s staff and OGP Working Group Member: “We should complete our activities till June 2016 and afterwords have a draft Third Action plan developed. I would request all our partners who are responsible for the activities with a deadline of December 2016, to work more effectively and complete all activities by June 2016, otherwise we will need to transfer these activities to the Third Action Plan”.

The links below each show the relevent dates and deadlines for all OGP countries. 

OGP Country Dates and Deadlines

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