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“Our steps should be directed towards monitoring”, Shushan Doydoyan.


On 03 March 2015, an enlarged session of the Open Governance Partnership Working Group took place, which included on its agenda the issue of trilateral cooperation between the Government, civil society and donor organizations.

FOICA President and meeting speaker Shushan Doydoyan mentioned: “Henceforth our efforts will follow three main directions: the first one is the process of implementing the Action Plan where the Government is implementer, civil society and donor organizations are those promoting this process.

Second – our steps should be directed towards monitoring the process, where the role of civil society is immense. Some of the OGP Action Plans commitments are already completed or close to completion but we need to monitor as to what extent they truly meet OGP values, for instance whether or not this or that decision of the government or changes in the working procedures will lead to the main outcome.

The third direction is to get prepared for the development of the Third Action Plan. From mid this year discussions on the draft should be launched. Let us think what it will look like but we definitely want to see our Third Action Plan several steps more advanced. In this context I attach big importance to the trilateral cooperation between the Government, civil society and donors”.

The civil society representatives suggested to organize similar meetings more frequently and to jointly assess ongoing activities. The Government representative Aram Asatryan suggested the civil society to be more active: the Government will regularly present progress with implemented activities but we would like to hear your feedback in a form of an assessment or monitoring, highlighting the shortcomings and positive sides”.

The issue of the donor organizations’ interest and engagement was also discussed. The representative of the USAID Arev Movsisyan noted that from the very beginning the USAID has shown interest to the OGP processes in Armenia. “I believe there has not been lack of interest from the donor organizations’ side. It is indeed important to start the development of the Third Action Plan from today. I would like to urge the civil society and the Government to approach the process with creativity and we will be ready to finance valuable ideas presented as a result of this cooperation”.

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