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Self Assesment Report of the Republic of Armenia


 The RA Government published the Self Assesment Report of the OGP Armenian Action Plan. The Republic of Armenia joined Open Government Partnership” (OGP) initiative in September 2011. Joining the initiative Republic of Armenia once more expressed their willingness to ensure more transparency and accountability in the sphere of public governance and delivery of public services. 

Strengthening the efficient and accountable governance system is one of state priorities and is in the center of permanent attention of the Republic of Armenia Government: OGP is another chance to make the governments opener and more responsible, to have such institutes that will promote the citizens’ active participation in decision-making and policy development processes.
Within the scope of OGP initiative the Armenian commitment on creation of open governance complies with their former and current efforts to develop a more effective, transparent and accountable governance system.
The works arising from OGP/Armenia Action Plan are at present coordinated by the respective working group (established by RA Prime Minister’s decision N 931-Ա, dated 29/09/2012), headed by deputy head of RA Government staff. Besides state departments, civil society organizations are also included in the working group, in particular, Freedom of Information Center NGO, Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center, Gyumri Journalists’ Club Asparez. During the working group sessions, the group members submit reports on the process of fulfillment of points of OGP/Armenia Action Plan relating to them, proposals and observations for the purpose of promoting the further process of fulfillment of the undertaken commitments, preparation for next OGP sessions, etc. The working group also grants a good opportunity to disclose the problems related to participation and involvement of the civil society in state governance processes, to consider and try to find respective solutions for overcoming thereof, as well as to activate the further cooperation with civil society. It is also a quite effective instrument to consider the priorities and purposes of the policy carried out by interested non-governmental organizations involved in the group within the scope of OGP initiative, as well as to develop the opportunities, that could turn the procedure of OGP commitments’ fulfillment into an effective platform to stimulate these purposes.

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