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September, 2018: Co-creation of the 4th National Action Plan


Co-creation of the 4th National Action Plan

A joint workshop with Government and CSO representatives to co-create new OGP commitments for the 4th Action Plan was held on 18-19 September in Aghveran.
Town Hall meeting was organized with 70 participants, including local people, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, CSOs, representatives from the local self-government bodies from 4 regions.
On-line platform for gathering suggestions from sitizens was lunched. 
FOI and OGP Award Cereony: The Special award was given to Lilia Afrikyan, Leading Specialist of the Foreign Relations Department of the RA Prime Minister's Office, Secretary of the OGP Armenia Working Group for effective coordination and provision of government-civil society cooperation within the Open Government Partnership Initiative.
  Newsletter #8, September, 2018

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